The People

We are here to make milk great again. People are key to delivering change.

The Farmers

We represent a group of like-minded dairy farmers producing delicious, free range milk from traditional, pasture-based farming.

Our farmers run herds of different sizes, with different cows, grazing on different soils. We celebrate their regional diversity and the ‘terroir’ of their milk and we unite them in commitment to delivering great tasting milk from cows free to graze in fields, as nature intended.

We want to reconnect farmers with the people who buy their milk, giving them the chance to tell their story and make milk great again.


Whilst we represent dairy farmers, we’re hugely grateful to the pioneering dairy processors, wholesalers, milkmen, catering and hospitality businesses and retailers, who have helped us make Pasture Promise free range milk possible.

We embrace small businesses and big retailers alike, to make great milk available to all. We’re thankful to Asda for supporting our mission and stocking our free range milk in over 300 stores.

We’re hugely proud that members of the Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA) are now awarded points for choosing ethically produced Pasture Promise free range milk.


Cows don’t have a voice. Their life is your choice.

As a social enterprise, we rely heavily on goodwill and support. We’re lucky to be supported by many people who want to keep traditional, family farms in business and give cows the freedom to graze. Sign up here and donate to help fund our activities and promote our cause.

Delivering real change for farmers and cows means working together, from sharing our messages on social media to asking for the Pasture Promise logo when you buy milk. Please don’t underestimate the difference you can make for farmers and cows and together we can help everyone enjoy delicious free range milk.


Why choose Pasture Promise free range milk?

Pasture Promise free range milk gives traditional family dairy farms a badly needed identity in the marketplace and gives you the chance to make a more informed choice about the kind of farms your milk comes from. By making the Pasture Promise you can help us to win a fair deal for farmers and cows.

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    Free Range

    The Pasture Promise logo means a minimum of 6 months at grass.

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    Great Taste

    Wonderful, fresh milk that tastes like ‘proper’ milk should.

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    High Standards

    The milk is produced to our strict free range standards and is collected, processed and bottled separately.

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    Supporting British Farmers

    Delivering family farms a fair reward for keeping cows in fields.

Joins Us

You can join us as a farmer member or a supporter.
We invite both those who produce milk and buy milk to work together so we can secure the freedom for cows to graze in fields and make milk great again.