The Milk

Not all milk is the same. We want everyone to be able to enjoy great tasting, free range milk.

Good Dairy

In the first of the Alltech E-CO2 assessments done on Free Range Dairy farms, the farmers performed extremely well in terms of the carbon footprint. They outperformed the Top 10 percent of standard milk producers, which means we can offer you an affordable and sustainable milk choice.   

Free Range Dairy Network has always been about the right to graze for cows, utilisation of natural resource like pasture, and rewarding farmers for running a pasture based dairy system.

We believe freedom is a right for dairy cows, rather than a privilege. The Pasture Promise logo gives you the chance to vote for freedom when you buy milk, and now you know it is being produced on a low carbon system too.

When grown efficiently grass is a low carbon feedstuff, and our Free Range cows love good quality pasture. We can’t eat it, but cows turn it into delicious, nutritious milk. Grazing is also a way to protect and preserve flora and fauna.  Many conservation bodies regularly use grazers to improve and maintain biodiversity.

Supports Farmers and Cows with Every Pint

The cost of producing milk on farms continues to rise and yet, so often, the price dairy farmers receive fails to cover their costs.

Many people want to support a fair deal for farmers when they buy milk. But increasingly ethical shoppers want to know that the cows get a fair deal too. That’s why farmers supplying milk under the Pasture Promise logo, are paid a premium for giving their cows the freedom to graze in fields as nature intended. When you buy milk carrying the logo, you are putting extra money directly into the hands of farmers, to allow them to continue producing wonderful free range milk, from a traditional, pasture-based farming system.

The additional money earned from selling milk under the Pasture Promise logo, doesn’t just help to pay the bills, it’s also invested into the farm to improve facilities and cow care.

Affordable Sustainability

We want to offer milk lovers the chance to enjoy their milk and dairy, knowing that we are working to make sure Pasture Promise Free Range milk doesn’t cost the earth or the planet.

Since the pandemic, people are more aware of the planet and their health. With people looking for health through natural foods and milk is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is full of protein, healthy fats, calcium, minerals, vitamins, iodine, and omegas but if you looked at the ingredients list on a milk bottle it will just say milk – as all the nutrients are naturally occurring.

Although there’s been a rise in plant based ‘milk’, fresh milk consumption continues to dominate the UK market. Standard cow’s milk remains the most popular variant with usage standing at 89%, but we want to be able to offer a sustainable affordable alternative, all the great qualities of fresh milk, but Free Range and sustainable.

Pasture Promise Free Range milk – nothing added, nothing fortified, just natural and nutritious.


Why choose Pasture Promise free range milk?

Pasture Promise free range milk gives traditional family dairy farms a badly needed identity in the marketplace and gives you the chance to make a more informed choice about the kind of farms your milk comes from. By making the Pasture Promise you can help us to win a fair deal for farmers and cows.

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    Free Range

    The Pasture Promise logo means a minimum of 6 months at grass.

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    Great Taste

    Wonderful, fresh milk that tastes like ‘proper’ milk should.

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    High Standards

    The milk is produced to our strict free range standards and is collected, processed and bottled separately.

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    Supporting British Farmers

    Delivering family farms a fair reward for keeping cows in fields.

Joins Us

You can join us as a farmer member or a supporter.
We invite both those who produce milk and buy milk to work together so we can secure the freedom for cows to graze in fields and make milk great again.