Help us shape the Free Range Dairy Initiative

Dear Farmer

At a time when many questions are being asked of our dairy industry, we can choose to sit back and wait for others to grasp the opportunity to profit from our endeavors,or we can seize it for ourselves. This is why I am developing a new farmer led initiative ? Free Range Dairy and want to work with you to reclaim the value of our milk for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers.

Pasture-based dairy farming has helped to make us amongst the most efficient milk producers in Europe and I believe we can promote this and all the other positive aspects of milk from grass to help secure the future of our industry.

The Free Range Dairy initiative will facilitate knowledge transfer between farmers, continue to improve our competitive position and build recognition for a way offarming that delivers high quality milk, promotes animal welfare and enhances our environment.

Your thoughts and feedback will help us identify what farmers want from the Free Range Dairy initiative so we can turn your ideas into action.

We?ll be arranging a series of regional meetings to give us the opportunity to cement the principles upon which Free Range Dairy will be founded and to plan on-farm events and together demonstrate the benefits of free range milk production.

Free Range Dairy is open to all dairy farmers. If you would like to know more please contact us at .


Help me make Free Range Dairy a real force for change.

By completing this survey I?m asking you to help me identify the areas on which the initiative should focus. Information collected from your responses will be used to help assess how Free Range Dairy can bring about change for the good of farmers, cows and consumers.

Please complete the questionnaire online, or you can print the questionnaire, fill it in and return it to us at the freepost address, before 31 January 2012. The first 20 respondents will receive Amazon vouchers worth ?20.


Many thanks

Neil Darwent