Why join Free Range Dairy Network?

Join a movement that believes the current way of farming that produces cheap milk at the expense of the farmer, the cows and the environment is unsustainable.

Free Range Dairy Network recognises the value of the freedom we provide our cows when we allow them to graze our fields. We want farmers that are committed to grazing their cows to be rewarded for the contribution they make to providing a healthy grass-based diet for cows that also makes a healthy diet for humans.


Farmers joining us will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. The chance to build value in your milk and earn a premium in the marketplace
  2. Opportunities to improve efficiency on farms through soil and pasture workshops, and increase on farm profit
  3. The chance to network with others and create a voice for milk producers
  4. Engage with the people who want buy and consume your milk and want to support British dairy farmers


By supporting Free Range Dairy Network you give:

  1. Support to our belief that cows should have the freedom to graze and express natural behaviour
  2. Support to British dairy farmers who want to improve management of their cows as well as their soils and pasture
  3. Support to a sustainable milk production that helps biodiversity and the environment
  4. Support our aim to provide clearer labelling on milk and dairy products to help you make an informed choice about the way we look after our farms and cows