Foodspeed is a family-owned, independent company exclusively serving the hotel, restaurant, bakery and catering trade in London and the Home Counties. In 2012 Foodspeed was honoured to receive a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen as suppliers of fresh milk and dairy products. Today the company delivers fresh milk, dairy products, eggs and ingredients including free range, organic and locally sourced varieties to over 850 clients including the Royal Palaces and many of London’s leading chefs.

Free Range Dairy CowsWith extensive sales in free range eggs and egg products, including exclusive distribution of Clarence Court speciality eggs to the London catering market, Foodspeed was a natural choice to become exclusive supplier of Free Range Dairy Milk and Cream to this sector. The sustainable positioning of Pasture Promise mirrors that of Foodspeed, although ethics alone won’t sell milk; it still has to taste great and perform consistency, a fact supported by feedback from Baristas who love the way the milk froths.

Free Range Dairy CotteswoldSustainability is a key principle of Foodspeed’s business practice. It has held verified 100% carbon neutral status for over four years, operates low emission vehicles and has full environmental audits carried out annually. Foodspeed is currently the only dairy supplier approved by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Sustainability is important to us all but commercial pressures can weigh against the desire to support the best dairy practices. Foodspeed believes that for a strong, sustainable and robust UK dairy industry to prosper initiatives such as Free Range Dairy are vital as they give tangible support to dairy farmers.

Free Range Dairy can help improve clients’ sustainability as it addresses lots of the major concerns around provenance and production methods. It is equally a great way to support businesses such as the family-run processors Cotteswold Dairy and their network of local dairy farmers who supply all Foodspeed’s milk and most of its fresh cream.

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