Dales Dairies have been working with Free Range Dairy to collect and process free range milk from local farms under the Pasture Promise label. The business is based in Grassington, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Free Range Dairy Dales Dairies

The business was started in 1938 by William Oversby, who ran the farm and started milk retailing to the local community. This continued to grow over the next 25 years and in 1963 he passed the reigns over to his son, John Oversby. He continued to see the business develop and in the early 1980s decided to sell milk out to other wholesalers within the Yorkshire area. A further 20 years of growth passed and in 2003, John decided to pass the business over to third generation son, David.

Free Range Dairy Dales DairiesDales Dairies has identified farmers in its supply pool where cows are grazed for at least six months of the year and now collects milk from these farms in a separate milk tanker. The milk is then segregated all the way through the processing line at the plant in Grassington, to ensure that when you pick up milk with the Pasture Promise label, you only get milk from free range herds.

You can find out more about the Dales Dairies business on their website.