This Saturday we will be taking over the Coffee House Project Instagram account at 12.45pm.

For the last three years, we’ve been proud to partner with Cotteswold Dairy as the milk sponsors for Bristol’s Coffee Festival but this year, as with many other events, instead of being there we’ve had to get creative.

Normally like everyone else we’d be setting up our stall, loving the buzz of the atmosphere and for me I always have a little bit of nostalgia. I love seeing the coffee machines full of chrome like a 1950s classic car. They remind me of my childhood in Wales, with an Italian café in every village, and where a cappuccino was called a frothy coffee.

In between making sure all the coffee roasters have Pasture Promise free range milk for their stalls. Handing out milk shots and leaflets on what makes our milk so special and chatting with people. Neil and I seemed to have the same conversation each year – how we wish we could get milk lovers to be this passionate – how different the milk business would look!

Now, for the first time due to Covid 19 we have the chance to take people to a farm and you can see first-hand why we love the work we do at Free Range Dairy Network so much.

This Saturday, Neil will be chatting with Lily on her farm. At 25, Lily has been mad about cows and dairy since she was 15 years old. She is as passionate about milk as the coffee roasters sourcing their coffee beans.

‘By 5am I’m in the milk parlour, milking the cows for the first time that day. I care for the cows and look after calf rearing… Deep down I believe cows belong in fields. It’s the most natural way to produce milk and you can taste the difference. Being on pasture means cows socialise with their friends and family, eat, relax, and express their natural behaviour. Seeing cows chewing the cud, there is no better sight or sound to me. ‘

During the session they will be talking about the importance of taste and flavour, and how the way farmers look after their cows and their commitment to grazing creates a great tasting milk.

We also want to talk about traceability, single sourced milk versus pooled milk from different farms, how important sustainable sourcing is ensuring you have a great product and supports the farmers, and the importance of a great milk when making a great tasting coffee.

Follow Coffee House Project on Instagram and watch Neil and Lily, and the cows, live from the farm on Saturday at 12.45pm.

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