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Today we’re launching a competition with Good Housekeeping.

5 prizes to be won!

Savour the flavour and celebrate premium free-range dairy with an exclusive Pasture Promise selection from traditional British pasture-based dairy farms.

We’re giving five winners the ultimate dairy feast to take you through from breakfast, to lunch and afternoon tea – washed down with a cuppa or two!

This isn’t just any milk – enjoy great tasting, nutrient-rich milk from cows fed on diets of fresh grass and forage. This free-range milk has been found to be high in healthy fats such as Omega-3 and protein. Splash delicious Free Range Dairy Farmers Milk unhomogenised milk all over your breakfast cereals and in your coffee for the perfect start to your day. For lunch, tuck into a cheese board with a selection of three cheeses from Stephenson’s Dairy in Lancashire and Godsell’s Cheese in Gloucestershire. Finally, enjoy a real treat with scones and strawberry jam, topped off (if that’s the way round you do your jam and cream!) with beautiful Cornish clotted cream from The Free Range Dairy.

All these delicious products come from British farmers who produce milk to Pasture Promise standards – that ensures cows are kept their cows in fields for a minimum of 180 days a year, for 18 hours a day.

You might think that all cows live in fields, however, this is increasingly not the case. This social enterprise is spreading the word that different farming systems impact the quality of the product, cow welfare and the environment. So, discover great tasting, nutrient-rich milk and dairy that is good for you and the planet.

It’s easy to take part, just apply here

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