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Last week was National Tree Week (Nov 23rd – Dec 1st 2019) but making trees a priority doesn’t have to be just for one week. There are lots of ways to support and celebrate the ‘lungs of our country’ and one way is to be a Christmas Tree Angel.

The Tree Council has teamed up with the Daily Mail and is calling on people from now until Christmas to be Tree Angels. They want you to help plant trees in towns, the countryside and in schools across the country.

When we did a farm walk with ecologist Sue in the summertime, one thing Sue pointed out was that not only do we need to plant more trees, but we also need to look after the trees we already have, and from that we’re on a mission to do more for the trees on the Free Range Farms.

We’re currently looking to partner with an organisation that can help us count trees, give us advice on maintenance and team up with others looking for space for new trees to be planted.

We know trees are amazing and we want to do more to look after them. Not only do they provide shelter for the cows in the rain or on a sunny day, they do this whilst providing a home and food to a variety of species and animals, from the trunk up the branches to the leaves. Did you know that a mature English Oak tree is home to over 284 species of insect alone! And that’s not counting all the other species that the Oak supports.

Even in our country we have ancient rainforests, the key areas include the West Coast of Scotland, Snowdonia, Devon, Cumbria and Northern Ireland. I saw a brilliant programme called Wales: Land of the Wild on the BBC and rainforests in Wales are home to many species that are thousands of years old. The steep banks of the Afon Prysor are thought to have become wooded since trees first recolonised Wales after the last Ice Age.

In the past trees provided us with shelter, the ability to cook food and warm us on wintery nights, charcoal was even used in early prehistoric cave drawings and wood carvings date from Egyptian times. Trees are part of our culture and our survival and now they need our help.

If you run an organisation and are looking for space to plant trees or would like to work with Free Range Dairy Network on tree maintenance then please get in touch at or contact us through our website

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