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We have exciting news, Vacherin the leading sustainable London catering company, will convert all their conventional milk to Pasture Promise free range milk, from 1st August.  This is a fantastic coup for us as it shows that more and more people want, not just great tasting milk but, also a clear assurance that it comes from cows free to graze in fields, on traditional, family farms.

Vacherin’s moto is ‘small enough to care, large enough to deliver’ and this is exactly how we run Free Range Dairy Network. All Pasture Promise free range milk is produced on family dairy farms and processed through family processing businesses. It is 100% British, with a premium going to the farmers who meet our Free Range Dairy Network standards. We value our farmers and the cows and this is reflected in our commitment to ensuring the right for cows to graze for a minimum 180 days and nights each year.

Trust and transparency is key to how we run Free Range Dairy Network and the work we’re doing to help turn the milk industry around in the UK. Giving consumers a more informed choice about the provenance of the milk they buy is vital, if we are to win a fair deal for farmers and cows. Trust in the Pasture Promise logo comes from consumers being clear in the knowledge that the milk from cows that graze in fields and not from intensive farms. To ensure this, all milk carrying the Pasture Promise logo, is collected from farms by a dedicated tanker, processed separately and segregated at bottling. Each year, we publish the number of days and nights that cows are grazed on individual farms, to build trust and confidence in the Pasture Promise logo.

Getting a company like Vacherin to switch all their milk to free range means we’re starting to really make headway with major influencers in the food industry. But there’s still a long way to go and, if you’re a catering company, coffee chain or retailer who wants to offer their customers a sustainable, ethical, great tasting milk with the assurance of the Pasture Promise logo, then talk to us about how you can help us to make a difference for farmers and cows.

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