Free Range Dairy | Christmas MilkThe past year has seen much of the world in turmoil and here in the UK we still face great uncertainty about life in a post-Brexit era. We often feel helpless about things that go on in the world around us; powerless to do anything to put them right. So caught up have we become in global events and a new technological age that we lose sight of the true value of the simple things in life. So, this Christmas, I am asking you to think more about the everyday things in your life, which you use every day and rely on and milk is a great place to start.

Milk, one of nature’s greatest gifts, is still available in billions of litres. But, for too long, the true value of this super food and the farms and cows that produce it, have been taken for granted. In 2017, we began to put that right, offering people around the country the chance to make a better choice. Now thousands of people are choosing Pasture Promise free range milk, discovering great tasting milk and helping to keep cows in fields and traditional family farms in business. But, we can do so much more. Milk can do so much more.

Milk is offers a way to bring people together at this time of year. Many of us will be visiting neighbours and friends to drop in cards and presents and gathering families together for the festive period, often catching up over a cup of tea or coffee. I believe that milk can spark a revolution that leads us all to reassess what’s really important in this world. Your choice matters and people of Britain can seize power by taking greater ownership of milk and other foods, to ensure we all enjoy a diet that nourishes us rather than simply profits big business.

Free Range Dairy | Cow and PP LogoWe all like to indulge in luxury treats like artisan cheeses, rich desserts and fine wine at Christmas time. Pasture Promise free range milk, is luxurious, it is delicious, but it is not an extravagance – it’s an affordable everyday item that so many of us use every day of the year. Christmas is often a time for reflection. So, if you are still looking for a little Christmas gift for friends, family, or neighbours that they will enjoy over the festive period, why not give them a bottle of Pasture Promise free range milk, as a reminder of the simple things in life we enjoy and encourage them to join the revolution?

You can find Pasture Promise milk in Asda, Mid Counties Co-op, Booths, selected branches of Morrisons and five Co-op stores in the city of Sheffield. For full list of outlets please click here

You can also contact dairies and suppliers we work with to find other outlets in your area:

We also work with farmers selling their milk direct at the farm gate:


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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