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I’m delighted to report that Free Range Milk pioneers, Stephenson’s Dairy, have been offered the chance to supply milk to 24 Booths stores in the north west of England, from July 1st.

Chris & Steph Stephenson took up the Pasture Promise logo back in May 2015 and switched all of their customers to free range milk. Since then, they have been building on their established reputation for quality and service, to offer people a more informed milk choice, sourcing milk only from cows that are free to graze for at least 180 days a year. Stephenson’s Dairy have been delivering free range milk to a variety of customers, from household doorsteps to hotels and coffee shops. But, the recent listing in 24 Booths stores, is a well-deserved breakthrough for this Lancashire couple and offers more people the chance to support a local dairy business and the traditional dairy farms that supply it.

Chris Stephenson said in a recent press release “We offer consistent high quality free range milk that puts money directly back into the local economy. We work in collaboration with our farmers and processor ensuring that we have full knowledge of where the milk comes from and what happens to it from field to fridge.” This is very much in keeping with the ethos of the Free Range Dairy Network, which seeks to win a fair deal for farmers, cows and consumers.

Since 1847, Booths have established a reputation for selling high quality food and drink from local producers and this is evident across their stores. Stephenson’s Dairy will supply Pasture Promise free range milk to stores throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Cheshire. We are so pleased that another retailer is going to enable its customers to make the Pasture Promise and help us to keep cows in fields and traditional dairy farms in business. Please pick up some Stephenson’s free range milk when you next visit a Booths store. I’m sure that once you’ve tried it, you’ll join our growing free range herd.


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