Free Range Dairy | Your cows need youWe are absolutely delighted to have received so much interest in Pasture Promise free range milk, following our recent appearance on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast . People everywhere, are demanding to know that the milk they buy comes from cows free to graze in fields, for at least 180 days and nights a year. Until now, we have only been able to make free range milk available in certain areas, via small outlets and doorstep milk rounds. But, with your help, we can change this.

Free Range Dairy | Pasture PromiseThe Pasture Promise is a mark you can trust, to be sure you are voting for freedom for dairy cows and supporting traditional, British farms, when you buy milk. But, right now, we find ourselves in a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation – you can’t choose free range milk if it isn’t in the shops and the shops won’t stock it if they don’t perceive any demand for it. So, if we are to make free range milk widely available, we need you to let the supermarkets know that you want it and that’s why we are putting out a call for action – YOUR COWS NEED YOU!

What the future of British dairy farming and milk production will look like, really depends on you. The choices you make when you buy milk and dairy products ultimately determine the life that cows have on farms, the way farming impacts upon the environment and the survival of traditional family farms. We want you to be able to vote with your purses when you buy milk. So please take action now, to help us to make the most of the wonderful opportunity that Jamie and Jimmy have presented us and, together, we can deliver Pasture Promise free range milk for everyone to enjoy.


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