Free Range Dairy | Friday Night FeastIf you were one of the many people watching Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4, last Friday, you would have seen the feature on free range milk and the Pasture Promise logo. We are so grateful to Jamie and Jimmy for taking up our cause as a ‘Food Fight’ and helping us to tell our story.

The response to the programme has been amazing, with thousands of people sharing our story on social media and contacting us to ask where they can find free range milk bearing the Pasture Promise logo. Things got so busy at one point on Friday evening that our website crashed under the strain. But I’m pleased to say it was soon recovered and the enquiries and expressions of support continue to pour in as I write this.

For people to be able vote for freedom for cows, they need to be able to choose milk with a clear label that assures them of this and that’s what the Pasture Promise logo does. So, right now our focus is on opening the channels to allow households all around Britain to enjoy great tasting, free range milk. We have been very lucky to find dairy companies like Cotteswold Dairy in Gloucestershire and Dales Dairies in Yorkshire, who were willing to do this and we are delighted to have them as part of our network along with other independent produces and suppliers like Stephenson’s Dairy and Our Cow Molly . You can find details of suppliers and stockists on our ‘Where to Find’ map and we are adding more all the time.

Thank you all who have made the Pasture Promise on our website and who have been asking their local supermarket for free range milk bearing the Pasture Promise logo. Now is the time for action. We really need everyone to get behind our campaign by continuing to ask for Pasture Promise logo on milk. It is your demand for a more informed choice that will persuade retailers to stock it. You can also download and print this letter and hand it in at your local supermarket or send it to their head office.

Free Range Dairy | Pasture PromiseOthers labels may promote milk as ‘free range’, so please ensure that the Pasture Promise logo is on the bottle, to give you a clear assurance that cows are free to graze in fields for at least 180 days a year. Together we can win a fair deal for farmers, cows and consumers.

Thank you.




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