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TV chef and good food ambassador, Jamie Oliver, has established an ambitious new initiative to bring about a global revolution in food and we have been invited to join in and tell the world about the work of the Free Range Dairy Network CIC and its aims. You can read the full details on Jamie’s Food Revolution website here.

Jamie’s Food Revolution is bringing together people from all over the world to ensure our children can have access to good, fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. A simple message on the About Us  page sets out the aims of the revolution.

“Access to good, fresh, nutritious food is every child’s human right. It’s easy to agree with this, but the reality is an astounding 41 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese, while another 159 million kids are too short for their age. None of these children are growing healthily. Jamie is calling on us all to join a global Food Revolution in order to provoke debate and inspire real, meaningful, positive change in the way our children access, consume and understand food.

We want to shout about important food issues, encourage everyone to take part in impactful change and push governments to improve their food and nutrition policies. This is a space for us all – individuals, parents, policymakers, communities and businesses – to come together, make a noise, share our stories and debate the issues that can provide our children with access to good, fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. This is a global revolution – wherever you are, join us.”

We are very proud to have been asked to contribute to Jamie’s Food Revolution, since we are all about driving a revolution in British milk and dairy farming. As ‘Guardians of British Dairy Farming’, we strive to build real value in the cows in fields that supply healthy, free range milk to British citizens and we want to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy great tasting British milk, from cows in fields, for years to come.

Free Range Dairy Cows Grazing

Please help us to establish recognition for the Pasture Promise label and a standard of at least 180 days (6 months) a year, to define free range milk. You can make the Pasture Promise, or join us as a Supporter  today and become a part of the dairy revolution that puts cows and consumers first.

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