Free Range Dairy | WAPWorld Animal Protection are asking people to sign their Full Fact Milk pledge and join them in calling for clear milk labelling and ask supermarkets and shops to put Free Range Milk on shelves.

If you click here you can find out more about their campaign and watch their video, which features some of our Free Range Dairy farmers and Chris Stephenson of Stephenson’s Food & Dairy.

There are several reasons why we believe people should be able to make a more informed choice about the milk they buy. Key amongst these are:

  • To inform people that not all milk is the same
  • To allow people to make a choice about the way dairy cows are managed on farms
  • To build recognition for the value in traditional, seasonally grazed dairy herds
  • To help farmers win a fair reward for the value they deliver

For too long, milk has been sold as a cheap, white water commodity. Often with images of cows in fields used to maintain a perception that all milk comes from grazing herds, effectively robbing farmers who commit to keeping their cows in fields of the true value of the milk they produce.

If we are to deliver what is right for farmers, cows and consumers it is time to allow people to make a more informed choice, by providing clear labelling on milk that defines the farming system behind it. The Pasture Promise TM label aims to do exactly that. It is the mark of a traditional dairy farming system that delivers free range milk from cows that are grazed for at least 180 days a year.

We hope that you will sign the Full Fact Milk pledge and help to keep cows in fields and British dairy farmers in business.



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