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Whilst hundreds of farmers gather in London on Wednesday March 23rd, to protest at further milk price cuts, the dairy cows belonging to the Hobbs family at Barhouse Farm in a small village, near Gloucester, will be turned out to grass for the summer months ahead, quite possibly for the last time. We want to record this wonderful event on film, to help the British public understand the contribution that traditional, pasture based farms and the cows in fields make to our society, by sharing the joy of cows feeling the grass under their feet.

Like so many farming families, Jerry and Jenni Hobbs are running out of time and ideas to win some desperately needed value in the milk that comes from their herd of 195 cows. The forthcoming, seasonal flush of spring milk will only add to an already overflowing lake of the ‘white stuff’ that is now being traded at frighteningly low prices. The challenges for the milk market in this traditional time of plenty are further compounded by a steady rise in output on many farms where, currently, the only way to recoup lost income is to increase production. In 2016, British milk and dairy farming is in need of more than an upturn in global dairy markets, it needs a revolution.

The coming of spring should be a time of celebration on dairy farms and we believe that by offering people an insight into the life of free range cows, we can spark the revolution and begin to build a long term solution to the dairy crisis. We hope our film will give Free Range Dairy farmers the chance to win recognition and value for the work they do in delivering milk to the nation and ensure there are cows in fields for generations to come. Please take a look at our Crowd Funding page to see how you can help with the making of our film.


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