Duncan Cruickshanks is one of the leading chefs bringing Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise to his clientele in London.  He’s been Exec/Head Chef at The Hospital Club, which has a three-star rating from the  Sustainability Restaurant Association, since June 2010. He has also been Head Chef at The Rivington Grill Dubai, Head Chef at Hotel Carasol as well as Senior Sous Chef at Hotel TerraVina Ltd.

Sustainability is second nature to Duncan, Head Chef at London’s private members’ club, The Hospital Club. This is why he is a supporter of Free Range Dairy and the Pasture Promise label.  Back in June 2010, when Duncan took the job at The Hospital Club he wanted to put sustainability at the heart of his menus. Now the menu changes nine times a year with seasonal, locally sourced produce with a story to tell.

Duncan grew up with a love of nature and still goes foraging in the countryside around London. His love of cooking comes from his mum and her flair for cooking; her ability to create anything out of nothing laid the foundation to his commitment to sustainability.

The Hospital Club has a three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. The newest addition to improve its sustainability is his commitment to Free Range milk. Duncan believes in supporting farming systems that are sustainable and Free Range Dairy is a low impact dairy system that utilises pasture over grains to produce milk, gives cows the freedom to graze and supports British dairy farmers.

Unsurprisingly, Duncan brings all of this enthusiasm and knowledge to The Hospital Club, where sustainability is now not only embedded in the kitchen but in all aspects of the club’s operations.

Duncan Cruickshanks said

‘Instead of intensifying dairy farming, we should be looking to support a way of farming that makes the most of pasture, this country’s abundant natural resource. It has provided us with the best milk possible for generations and supporting initiatives like Free Range Dairy means we will have this milk for generations to come.’ 


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