Free Range Dairy CotteswoldThis week sees Free Range Dairy CIC take another big step towards offering consumers a more informed choice when they buy milk, as the first Free Range Milk is launched in London. Once again, collaboration with partners in the supply chain, who share our values, is key to helping us keep cows in fields and return farmers a fair price for their milk.

We are delighted to be working with Cotteswold Dairy, winners of the 2015 Food & Farming Industry Awards, Family Business of the Year. They are now collecting and processing Free Range Milk from selected, local farms, under the Pasture Promise label. The farms are all located within 30 miles of the dairy in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Founded by Harry Workman in 1938, the company prides itself on providing real service to the customer and top quality products.

Free Range Dairy Food SpeedThe next link in the chain are family owned dairy merchants, Foodspeed, who were awarded a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in 2012 as suppliers of fresh milk and dairy products. They are now delivering Free Range Milk to some of London’s leading chefs. As a 100% carbon neutral company, Foodspeed are rightly proud to be the only dairy supplier currently approved by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

Free Range Dairy SRAWe have received valuable support from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) who work with chefs in all kinds of restaurants and food outlets, to demonstrate that good food can be produced sustainably, no matter what style of venue. The SRA have been working with us to promote high welfare milk and dairy products from sustainable farms as part of their Food Made Good movement.

We are really pleased to find more ‘can do’ people in the food and farming industry, who are committed to promoting a better understanding of the true value of British food and farming. The Pasture Promise label represents a clearly defined farming system that can deliver what farmers, cows and consumers need. In a world where people are increasingly concerned about how food is produced and the life that farm animals are afforded, Free Range Dairy CIC offers a chance for us all to consume milk responsibly.

The collaboration we have established with Cotteswold Dairy and Foodspeed, gives farmers an alternative to the mass production of commodity milk from intensive farming and supports traditional, British dairy farms in the current crisis. Free Range Dairy wants to enrich rural communities and safeguard our beautiful countryside. By working with independent, family businesses to deliver free range milk, we can offer an alternative to industrial dairy and ensure a sustainable supply of healthy milk is there for generations to come.

If you are interested in sourcing free range milk in London please contact Bobby Bawa and his team at Foodspeed.


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