Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise

It was great to have the chance to explain more about the work Free Range Dairy is doing on BBC Farming Today (it starts about 10:34 into the programme) this morning. We are a Community Interest Company and we believe that keeping cows in fields is in the interests of a broad community – farmers, consumers and, of course the cows too!

We are forging alliances with individuals and organisations who want to secure the freedom for cows to graze in fields and see farmers fairly rewarded for making this commitment. We are beginning to sell milk under the Pasture Promise TM label in different parts of the country and, with your support, we can make that choice more widely available.

I was immensely proud to receive the BBC Outstanding Farmer of the Year award in 2014, for the work I have done to try and instil real value in milk from grazing herds.It is vital we give traditional seasonally-grazed dairy herds a future to prevent a slide towards industrial milk production from fewer, bigger farms. Please pledge your support by making the Pasture Promise now and help us make a real difference in British dairy farming.

Thank you,
Neil Darwent

Free Range Dairy BBC Judges

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