Pasture PromiseI have talked to so many people about the concept of Free Range Milk over the years and those conversations began with the farmers that produce the milk. But, explaining that not all milk is the same and what free range means for cows has required much wider engagement. So, today, our work is largely focussed on trying to educate consumers about how the way we farm impacts on the quality and value of the milk they buy.

A large number of people still believe that all cows live their entire lives grazing idly amongst the buttercups. But, the truth is milk comes from a lot of different farms and it is very difficult for consumers to make an informed choice about the milk they buy, amidst the plethora of reassuring symbols that adorn the packaging. This is why we want the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise logo to provide a simple assurance that cows are grazed in fields for at least six months of the year.

Free Range Dairy FarmsignWe are happy to work with any dairy company that would like to offer their customers a free range milk line and we already have standards and a label in place that are increasingly recognised and understood. Our Pasture Promise label can enhance existing brands and create opportunities for new ones, by providing a clear message about how the milk was produced.

What is really important is that we do not confuse people about what Free Range stands for when we are talking about dairy cows. One or two producers have contacted me to discuss free range milk production have now set up similar labels and have adopted our standards. Whilst I support any attempt to realise the true value of cows in fields, it is essential that we convey a consistent and coherent message about free range milk. Free Range Dairy started here and continues to grow – striving to build upon the amazing support we have won from all those who want to see a fair deal for farmers, cows and consumers. We are dedicated to all who want to build recognition for their commitment to keeping cows in fields and together we can turn this into market opportunities.

Please join us and help us to create a unified voice for free range dairy farmers.


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