Free Range Dairy is celebrating Cow Appreciation Day, to say thank you to all the cows that provide us with fresh, nutritious milk that is used by almost every household in Britain.

Today there are around 1.8 million dairy cows on British farms and we hope you will join us in showing your appreciation for all the work they do on our behalf.

Free Range Dairy CAD Cows

Free Range Dairy

At Free Range Dairy, we think that providing cows with the freedom to graze in the spring and summer months is a way of showing them that we appreciate the work they do and understanding their needs. Whilst free range cows are enjoying a relaxing summer’s day roaming in fields and turning rich, green grass into wonderful milk, you can take the Pasture Promise by supporting our commitment to giving cows the freedom to graze for six months of the year.

Pasture Promise


Cows are curious creatures and enjoy exploring the fields with their herd mates. They form lasting friendships with other cows and are thought to be able to recognise up to 50 other cows in their group. Of course, like us humans, you will find bossy individuals, mischievous ones and quiet, timid ones amongst them.


Please just take a moment in your busy day to think about our cows and what they deliver for you and your family and maybe raise a glass of milk to show your appreciation. You can share your own cow photos, stories and messages via the following media.

(using #pasturepromise)

Or email us (use our contact form if you haven’t got an email client installed).

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