FRD sign on gateDelivering lasting change in the fortunes of British dairy farmers is quite an undertaking, against the backdrop of increasing market volatility. That’s why we are really grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received from farmers. Free Range Dairy is all about creating an opportunity – instead of sitting back and waiting for markets to correct themselves, or legislation to string a safety net under the industry, we want to help milk producers to take matters into their own hands and build real value in their milk. But, ultimately, it is up to dairy farmers to seize this opportunity.

We are asking farmers to sign up and show the world that they are taking the initiative to find their own way out of the current crisis. We know things are tough right now and that’s why we have reduced our membership fees. As illustrated below, you can now become part of a growing movement for change for as little as £50 a year. Not much to start a revolution is it?

If you are reading this, the likelihood is you are already grazing your cows for the required minimum of six months of the year and the process of achieving accreditation under our standards can begin. Your membership fees go towards keeping our website running, producing promotional materials and holding meetings and events, to enable us to grow awareness of the benefits of free range milk production and the milk you produce.

We know that consumers are ready to do their bit, to vote with their purses, from the constant stream of enquiries from people anxious for assurance that the milk they buy comes from cows that enjoy the freedom to graze and returns a fair reward to farmer. That’s why we are working to get ‘pioneer’ farmers up and running with the Pasture Promise label and get milk to market – no matter on where or on what scale. But, behind the scenes we need to build a body of producers capable of delivering bigger volumes of milk as demand grows, making sure the opportunity does not pass us by. Just because you don’t have an outlet for free range milk today, doesn’t mean you can’t become accredited as a free range milk producer and be ready to deliver.

Please don’t stand on the sidelines. Join the growing number of farmers who want to take back control of their destiny. Joining the Free Range Dairy Network CIC is easy. To find out how click here.

Membership Fees (February 2015)

0 to 200 Cows – £50

Over 200 Cows – £100


Thank you.


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