Cupped Ear

Since the middle of November 2014 we have run twelve meetings for farmers around the country – from Cumbria to Cornwall. Thanks to all those who came along, listened, asked questions and put forward their ideas – it has been time well spent for us.

It is quite evident from the dozens of feedback forms we have that the concept of free range milk production sits well with a great many farmers who remain committed to giving their cows the freedom to graze. A total of 72 people kindly took the time to fill in feedback forms after the meetings and perhaps the most important question we asked was “Does the Free Range Dairy vision fit with what you want for your business?” Of the 58 active milk producers who completed forms, 56 answered “Yes it does”.

We asked for any additional comments that people had after hearing our presentations on the way forward for establishing recognition for free range milk production and the following are typical of what many people said:

“This appears to be a ‘no brainer’ – we should definitely promote this”


“Huge potential from the customers”


“We need to get a clear message across about cows grazing in fields”


“The demand for free range milk needs to be consumer led”


“Viva la revolution!”

What is really important for us now is to work with those who can get the Pasture Promise label on their milk and dairy products and start telling the world about free range milk production. That work starts this week. We have producer standards written, we have licensing agreements for use of the label and we have farmers eager to win recognition for their commitment to grazing their cows.

In the words of one person who came to a recent meeting “Viva la revolution!”


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