Fair life milk

Coca Cola, the soft drinks giant, has launched its own brand of milk – Fairlife. But, as you might expect, this is no ordinary milk. Coca Cola say that Fairlife will contain 50% more protein, 50% more calcium, 30% less sugar and no Lactose.

In 1969 a television advert for Coke assembled young people from all over the world, on a hillside in Italy, to sing “It’s the real thing” – a line that has become synonymous with the Coca Cola brand. But, can the same be said of Fairlife milk? Is it the real thing too, or is it a fortified substitute for the real thing that we know as milk?

Milk from traditional British dairy farms is a natural product that has been part of a healthy diet for generations here and, as farmers we all know it has been undersold for too long. Hence the latest milk price crisis in our industry. Many blame a lack of innovation. Personally, I blame a lack of information and education. Milk straight from the farm is a great food – we don’t need to add anything to it or take anything away.

Free Range Dairy is trying to win recognition for the real value of milk for British dairy farmers who are committed to seasonally grazing their herds. Research is now helping us to understand that not all milk is the same – the way we feed and manage our herds influences the nutritional quality of our product and the good news is grass is great!

We have a fantastic product – we have ‘The Real Thing’ and we still have a lot of farms that can produce it to the old original recipe from cows grazed in fields. Help us spread the word about Free Range Dairy Network Membership.

Oh and if you have time for a bit of nostalgia “I’d like to buy the world a home……”


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