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We have now launched formal membership of the Free Range Dairy Network for farmers and we are also giving others who want to be able to choose milk from cows in fields the chance to support us.

In order to bring about real change in the British Dairy industry we need to bring farmers and supporters together, to promote the value of seasonally grazed dairy herds. We need to be organised and speak with one voice and raising funds from membership will enable us to carry out promotional activities and raise awareness of the Pasture Promise label. I hope you will consider membership of our movement a worthwhile investment in the future of your farm. We have big ambitions for free range milk and are not looking for a handful of farmers to supply a niche market. Free Range Eggs now account for around 50% of the UK egg market and attract a price 50% higher than cage eggs. We are putting together a feasibility study and carrying out market research to help us make free range milk an affordable choice for consumers whilst delivering a fair return for producers.

As you are probably aware, we are about to embark on a series of regional meetings around the country. We will use those meetings to explain in more detail how we are going about achieving our goals and what we are offering farmers. In the meantime, please take a look at the benefits of membership by clicking on the Join Us banner on our website. Remember we are a Community Interest Company (CIC), which means any profit we make has to retained within the company to further our social mission. That mission is to promote the value of pasture-based dairy herds and sustainable milk production. We want to create a community that engages farmers, consumers, and anyone interested in safeguarding British dairy farms.

Join us and make 2015 the start of a journey towards a brighter future for British dairy farmers.

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