We still have some way to go to make milk from free range dairy herds a widely available choice across the UK. But, I am really pleased with the growing interest in Free Range Dairy, particularly since winning the BBC Outstanding Farmer of The Year Award and the publicity that has generated.

In our busy lives it is all too easy to get buried in the here and now. So, I would just like step back for a moment and take this opportunity to publicly thank Richard and Katie Brindle who, through the Muriel Jones Foundation, first enabled me to get my ideas for Free Range Dairy out to farmers and others. It is thanks to the generous support of the Muriel Jones Foundation that I have been able to set up the Free Range Dairy website and get around the country and talk to farmers over the last two years.

With the swell of support and interest that is now driving the initiative forward, I am confident we can make big strides towards winning recognition for the value of Britain’s pasture based dairy herds in 2014.


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