I was really pleased to get the opportunity to outline what I’m trying to achieve with Free Range Dairy, on BBC Countryfile last night and even more pleased at the really positive response I’ve had from farmers and consumers since.

If you didn’t get to see the programme last night, you can watch it here!

I truly believe we have a great opportunity to build recognition for British milk through promoting a better understanding of the value our seasonally grazed dairy herds deliver. Free Range Dairy has always been about doing what’s right for cows, consumers and farmers and I’m delighted that we are building a movement that everyone can have a stake in.

Milk and dairy products with the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label are not yet widely available but we are growing and, the more people ask for free range, the more pressure will come to bear on retailers to offer everyone a choice. So please tell your friends and family all about Free Range Dairy and help us keep cows on grass and small farmers in business.

Thanks again for all your support,



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