I have just been catching up on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme from last week, which explored the future of the dairy farming and asked whether the British dairy industry really needs to grow to compete. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03c240q

The NFU seem to be preoccupied with the need to produce another 4 billion litres of milk in order to displace imported milk and dairy products and achieve greater self sufficiency. But, it is so blindingly obvious that pursuit of volume has not and will not do anything to stem the exodus of farmers from the industry. Nor will it deliver what British consumers really need – healthy milk and dairy products from farms that safeguard the welfare of our animals and maintain the fabric of our countryside. We need to give everyone a reason to choose British milk and dairy over foreign imports that is built on something more sustainable than simply price.

  • We know grass is good for us and produces healthy milk.
  • We know cows enjoy the freedom to graze
  • We know pasture-based milk production is efficient and sustainable

So, why are we allowing the profit of large food companies and retailers determine our diet rather than what is really good for us?

The Free Range Dairy vision is simple – healthy milk from cows that have the freedom to graze in fields.

Anyone can sign up to our Pasture Promise and make a pledge to support the thousands of British dairy farmers who are delivering real value from pasture-based herds. Please start asking this simple question wherever you buy milk and dairy products “How many days are the cows that produced this milk grazed each year?”

Then we can begin to make the distinction between real food and industrialised commodity, for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers.


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