A week a go I held the first Pasture Promise day at Walk Farm, to give producers, processors, researchers, food writers and other supporters the chance to get together and talk about Free Range Dairy.

It was a lovely sunny day and our cows looked a picture. I explained to invited guests the amazing contribution that pasture makes to the diets of both cows and humans and urged them to help us spread the word. ITV News West sent a reporter along to find out more about the Free Range Dairy initiative and you can see the video of the day by clicking on the following link http://vimeo.com/75577285

The challenge for us now is to answer the increasing number of enquiries from people asking where they can buy free range milk and dairy products. It is becoming very clear that a lot of people want to be able to choose milk from cows that have the freedom to graze. The Pasture Promise will provide a simple assurance that cows are grazed and point the way to healthy milk from British farms.

Join us – whether you be a farmer, processor, retailer or consumer. Together we can provide a bright future for the small dairy farms that have served our country so well.


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