Next week I am holding an event on our farm for local chefs and food writers, inviting them to come and see how we farm and learn more about what Free Range Dairy is seeking to achieve.

We have now set up a new facility on the Pasture Promise page on our website, to allow anyone who wants to support Free Range Dairy to sign up. We have reached an important and exciting phase in the development of the initiative, which is all about connecting free range dairy farmers with people want to source free range milk.

I have cheese makers and people with milk rounds now asking if they could use the Pasture Promise logo on their packaging and this provides us with an excellent opportunity raise awareness of milk from pasture-based herds.

I am so grateful for the support of many different people in getting this far with Free Range Dairy and it seems we are about to make some really significant steps towards making free range milk available to conscientious consumers.

I look forward to updating you on how next week’s event goes.


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