Thank you to all who came to visit Walk Farm on Open Farm Sunday. We had a wonderful day and really enjoyed showing everyone around the farm in the sunshine. We laid on tractor and trailer rides, sheep shearing and collection of animals for people to see – piglets, lambs, goats and chickens, as well as all our Montbeliarde cattle. Lois and her team from Meadowside Farm café in Frome were on hand to feed everyone and the rolls filled with delicious beef from our own herd were a big hit.

This year we wanted to get people a bit closer to our cows, so we decided to start our afternoon milking on one side of the parlour whilst allowing visitors to stand on the opposite side and see exactly where milk comes from. Having shown everyone the cows grazing in the field in the morning and then milking in the afternoon, our visitors went away with a clear idea of what free range milk production is all about.

We also had the Farming Minister, David Heath, along to our event and we gave him a tour of the farm in the company of Caroline Drummond (LEAF Chief Executive) and some journalists. Below is a link to the Farmers Guardian story about our Open Farm Sunday and our Montbeliarde cows.

Open Farm Sunday gives me a really good reminder that the public are very interested in what goes into producing their food and the feedback we get is fantastic. So, why not consider opening your farm next year – Open Farm Sunday 2014 takes place on June 8th.


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