Most of the discussions I have had about Free Range Dairy to date have been with fellow farmers who want achieve recognition and value for the way they farm. But, I am being approached by an increasing number of people who want be able to choose milk and dairy products from free range cows. These include both individual consumers and milk processors keen to source milk from grazing herds. This excellent news as it begins to ‘join a few dots’ in the process of achieving our goals.

Dairy farmers have been able to demonstrate their commitment to free range milk production for some time now, by signing up to our Pasture Promise. But, what about other who want to show a similar commitment to sourcing and supplying milk and dairy products from free range cows?

Well, we want to welcome anyone who processes, distributes, or sells our milk, the opportunity to make the Pasture Promise too. We will shortly be adding a new page to the Free Range Dairy website, where anyone can demonstrate their support for our cause. Ethical sourcing has become increasingly important to conscientious consumers and, although we don’t yet have a Free Range Dairy mark on milk sold in the UK, by bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations we can move closer to making free range milk a real choice for everyone.

So, if you share in the values below, get ready to take the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise.

  • Freedom for cows to seasonally graze pasture
  • A fair reward for farmers
  • Healthy milk of real value for consumers

A number of small processors have already indicated that they are sourcing milk from pasture-based herds and would like to offer their customers free range milk. If you are bottling milk, making cheese or other dairy products, running a café, deli or retail outlet, make the Pasture Promise and help us put real value into milk from free range cows.

Please keep an eye on the website for further details.


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