The wet weather we had last summer, combined with the prolonged winter we have yet to escape, means that grass growth has been slow and the ‘green stuff’ isn’t as green as we would like it to be. We woke up to a white frost on Tuesday morning and didn’t feel much like spring. However, the 2nd April 2013 was an exciting day for everyone on the farm because it was the day we finally got to turn the cows out to grass.

I grabbed the camera and made a short film to record the event. Apologies for some shaky camera work – with gambolling cows high on fresh air and sunshine I was a little concerned for my safety at the height of the celebrations. As you will see some cows are better dancers than others, but everyone had a pretty good time. Do you remember how it feels to run around in bare feet with the sun on your back? If not, give it a go. As some of our cows say “you’re never too old to dance”.

I hope you enjoy the video and please send us yours.


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