Word is some folks have turned their cows out to grass already and, hopefully, it won’t be long before a lot more follow on farms around the country. Can you remember how it feels – the warmth of the sun, the smell of the earth, the sound of grass been tugged by hungry mouths? All these senses combine to bring joy at the release from the dark days of winter, for all of us – man and beast alike.

This should be a time of celebration for all to share. When you open the gate to the fields for the first time this spring, your cows will dance for joy. The Harlem Shake might be sweeping the nation right now but let’s go one better with the Cow Dance.

Nearly everyone has a video camera or a phone with one these days. Capture your cows doing their thing on turn out day and let us post the video for all to see. Turnout time comes but once a year – please don’t miss this opportunity to show people how much your cows enjoy being on your farm.

To get your video added to our Cow Dance gallery just follow the simple instructions below. Of course, if you are able to invite the neighbours round for a live show the day your cows go to grass even better.

Here’s a really good film from Riverford in Devon to give you some inspiration:



Here are some YouTube upload instructions:

Instructions of how to upload your videos to YouTube and how to share them with Free Range Dairy.


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