Tomorrow I am heading north to Scotland to talk to farmers about Free Range Dairy. Despite the perceived challenges to grazing cows in the northern reaches of the UK, there has been quite a lot of interest in my initiative from ‘north of the border’.

I have always maintained that a farmer who grazes his cows for 150 days in Scotland may be no less committed to grazing than a farmer who turns his cows outside for 250 days in Devon. We are all finding ways to improve our ability to grow grass on our farms and techniques to make better use of it. But, ultimately, climate will determine how much we can graze our herds.

I will be spending a day at Agriscot in Edinburgh on Wednesday before heading up to Aberdeen on Thursday to talk to a farm discussion group. As my recent trip to Penrith in Cumbria highlighted, there are a lot of farmers seeking a way to instil real value in their milk. Together we can achieve it.

If you are part of a farming group interested in learning more about Free Range Dairy please drop me a line and I will be happy to come and present my ideas to you and get some comment from you.

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