I am just putting some information together for farmers who have signed up to Free Range Dairy and made the Pasture Promise. With a broad cross section of milk producers from around the UK we are now able to start pulling the movement together and win recognition for the way we farm.

I shall be sending out a simple pasture budget form to all those who have signed up for the Pasture Promise. This will be used as a means to demonstrate that there is enough grazing available to the herd to provide a significant portion of the cows’ diet, taking into account acres available and typical seasonal grass growth.

I will give a Free Range Dairy farm sign (as shown above) to the first 50 farmers to return their completed pasture budget form. I hope producers will display the sign on their farm gate or dairy door as a symbol of their commitment to grazing their cows. This will help us to get a clear message across to visitors to our farms and build recognition for free range milk.

In addition, I will be asking those who have signed up to allow us to put their name and farm location on a map on our website, so that people can begin to see the distribution of Free Range Dairy farmers around the UK. It would be great if we could then set up a link to a case study about each farm, where people can find out more about the way in which free range herds are managed and get to know the farmers who produce their milk.

In the meantime, keep those Pasture Promise reply slips coming. Remember to use our Freepost address and then it won’t cost you a penny. Alternatively, you can also sign up to the Pasture Promise online.

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