When I was up in Scotland last week I popped into see a dairy farmer called Kenny Groat, who contacted me earlier in the year about Free Range Dairy. Having spoken to Kenny on the phone, I knew he was very keen to graze his cows as much as possible and was making some yoghurt and ice cream. But, I was astounded by the innovation and enterprise that I found going on at his farm just south of Aberdeen.

Kenny and his family started processing their own milk in 2006 and after several years of experimenting with recipes, now sell a huge range of cheeses, yoghurts and deserts all made from their own milk. The farm shop, situated on the farm, is full of dairy products from the farm and is open to customers seven days a week.

The milk comes from their mixture of Friesian and Jersey cows, some of which were still out grazing in mid November. I really like the Devenick Dairy logo (shown above) and the cow’s eartag leaves you in no doubt about the provenance of their range. Hats off to Kenny and his family for their enthusiasm and endeavour. Follow this link to the Devenick Dairy website, to find out more www.devenickdairy.co.uk.

If you’ve got a story to tell about how you are marketing free range milk form your farm, please let us know.

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