The first of a new series on BBC 1, called Rip Off Food, was shown at 9.15 this morning. You can find a link to this programme here (opens in a new window). The programme, presented by Gloria Hunniford, revealed how food companies and supermarkets mislead consumers with the labelling they use on food. This is perhaps not news to many of us but the programme did, nonetheless, contain a pretty shocking insight into how little food is in our food these days.

The second episode is at the same time tomorrow morning (Tuesday 30th October) and focuses on how the supermarkets treat their suppliers. I was approached by the makers of the programme back in July, in the midst of the milk price cuts, about filming on our farm. I agreed and the film crew spent several hours filming our cows and asking me questions about what it cost us to produce milk and how we planned to cope with our margins being further squeezed. I urged them to show the programme at that time as it was a very hot topic, featuring on national news. However, programming doesn’t work like that and here it is, finally being screened at the end of October.

The programme’s producer called me a few weeks back and said that she thought perhaps the milk price issue had been resolved, since prices have now risen. “Not so!” said I, pointing out that milk prices had simply returned to similar levels that they were in April of this year, whilst costs continue to soar. Let’s see how the relationship between retailers and farmers is presented in tomorrow’s programme. I think the vast majority of dairy farmers still feel they are being ‘Ripped Off’.


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