I hear that Mary Berry, writer of cookery books and Great British Bake Off judge, has a new series on BBC2 called The Great British Food Revival and one episode is all about ice cream. Mary has labeled many ice creams as being almost 99 percent “synthetic junk”. Apparently it only has to contain 2.5 percent milk protein to be called ice cream and many manufacturers bulk out their product with chemicals, vegetable fat and palm oil.

For me this is symptomatic of industrialised food production, where simple indgredients – in this case milk, cream, eggs and sugar are displaced by synthetic substitutes to enhance colour and flavour, preserve shelf life, or cut costs. As a result, we have lost sight of the value of the milk, meat, eggs and vegetables that are the foundation of a wholesome diet. It is a shame that the BBC haven’t dedicated Mary’s new series to exploring the nutritional value of simple foods such as these.

Free Range Dairy is attempting to orchestrate the Great British Milk Revival. We need to get right back to the roots of our food if we are to truly understand its role and its qualities. The recipe for traditional British milk is quite simple.

  • Take a herd of cows
  • Feed as much fresh grass as possible
  • Add silage or hay in winter
  • Season with a little cereal
  • Remove milk from cow twice a day

We often hear people say “you are what you eat”. But, have you ever considered that you are what your cows eat? If you want milk that’s good for you and full of flavour, just like Grandma (and Grandpa) used to make – then choose milk from free range cows.


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