Have you seen any good films lately? Well, if you haven’t, may I recommend a real ‘feel good’ movie from Arla Foods?

Closer to Nature isn’t packed with high octane action for the adrenalin junkies, but it does contain some wonderful scenery and, for those of you who are animation fans, look out for the fluffy, cow-shaped clouds in the sky. This short movie is all about promoting ‘natural’ products made by Arla Foods and, in case you don’t get the message immediately, some helpful slogans prompt you: ‘Let nature lead the way’, ‘Feel the natural goodness’, ‘Made for you by nature’.

If you take a look at the full 3 minutes and 19 seconds video via the following link www.arlafoods.co.uk/closer-to-nature/movie I’m sure you’ll be impressed. I have to admit I can’t help feeling envious that this film wasn’t made by those who are truly closest to nature – the farmers. However, I wonder if Arla are subtly declaring their support for Free Range Dairy through this short movie. There are images of cows grazing, an overflowing glass of the whitest milk I have ever seen nestling in lush, green grass and an overriding sense of freedom throughout.  It seems every dairy company and retailer understands the power of such images and uses them to great effect in promoting their products – whether the cows that produce it are grazed or not.

It is time that farmers who graze their herds were rewarded for the work they do in promoting milk and dairy products on behalf of Arla and the rest of the industry who benefit from the way we farm. So, join Free Range Dairy and take back the value of your milk.

Meanwhile I have a suggestion for a sequel to Arla’s Closer to Nature – it’s called Closer to the Truth.


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