I have long held the belief that our farms have so much more to offer than producing food – we can really make a difference to people’s lives and enrich our society.

I have been to visit a farm near Bath, where Jamie Fielden and his team are helping de-motivated and disengaged students find a new purpose and direction in their lives. This fantastic charity now hosts around 500 children a year and is making a real difference to their lives.

Without giving over our entire farm and all our time to educating children and members of the public, we too can make a difference. I have been discussing ideas with our local Community Learning Partnership and other farmers about how we can help to enrich the lives of those children who struggling to fulfil their potential in school and in their personal lives. Maybe by just providing one individual with the opportunity to learn the responsibilities associated with caring for farm livestock and the land, we can help them to grow in confidence and feel they have a sense of purpose.

Take a look at the website for Jamie’s Farm – www.jamiesfarm.org.uk

Free Range Dairy is all about instilling value in our farms and farmers have a really important role to play in our society – in more ways than one. Look at what your farm can offer to the surrounding community in addition to healthy food. We have a wonderful resource at our disposal and by working together we can help people from all walks of life to enjoy it.


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