I recently stumbled on an interesting blog site called Grass Based Health. Although the site is very much about farming and food in the USA, the posts by Dr Peter Ballerstedt are relevant to us all.

When Dr Ballerstedt took a picture of himself at Christmas 2000 he was alarmed by the sight and could see he was a prime candidate for Diabetes. Forecasters say that in around eight years time half of all American adults will be diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Through his blog posts Dr Ballerstedt dismisses claims that fat is the unhealthy portion of our diet and says we should look more closely at carbohydrates. He also challenges the science which asserts that farm livestock are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions “Some folks don’t seem to understand that a cow grazing grass can only emit carbon that was originally in grass, and that the carbon in grass has to have come from the atmosphere. So it’s a cycle not an “enrichment”.

If you want find out more follow this link www.grassbasedhealth.blogspot.co.uk.


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