Somerset company, Wyke Farms, are proud of their 150 year heritage and have now become the largest independent cheese makers and milk processors in the UK, sourcing around 120 million litres of milk a year from their own farms and the surrounding area. However, as with most large dairy companies, they are relatively small in relation to the supermarkets they supply.

Wyke Farms have been supplying around 40,000 packs of Cheddar cheese a week to Morrison’s supermarkets. But, according Wyke’s Facebook page, the retailer recently held a branded cheese tender and they were unable to commit financially in the same way as big companies eager to win Morrison’s business. A Wyke spokesman said “This is because we are a relatively small family business who tries to pay our farmers more for their milk”.

Wyke Farms have now mounted an online campaign to try and garner public support for their product and keep it on Morrison’s shelves. You can find out more on their Facebook page or on Twitter #keepwykeinmorrisons

The position Wyke Farms now find themselves in is unenviable but not uncommon. High quality food produced by British farmer and processors is being devalued by supermarkets battling to win customers. We have recently seen calls for fairness from farming organisations and it now seems that the dairy companies are making similar appeals in an attempt to safeguard their future. You can find more details on this story in The Grocer by following this link.

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