Journalist and writer Graham Harvey has long been a passionate advocate of pasture based milk and meat production and he has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. If you haven’t had a look already, Graham has two websites that are well worth a visit; and

I was interested to read about a new venture started by farmer Nick Snelgar on the Graham’s Quest website. Nick is milking a handful of cows through a mobile milking bail founded on the system developed by Arthur Hosier over 50 years ago. It might not be an operation to feed millions but it is delivering high quality milk to local customers and is a useful reminder of how simple dairy farming can be at a time when technology is increasingly displacing our own skills. Such ventures are to be applauded since pioneers like Nick can help return real value to our countryside.

Graham’s other website – Pasture Promise TV – features a number of short films about pasture based farming. I have to admit some bias here as our cows are featured in one of the films. But, if you would like to find out more about how farmers are increasingly returning to grass, Graham’s work in the books he has written and his websites are a valuable resource.

Keep up the good work Graham!

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