We had a really interesting Free Range Dairy meeting up in Lancashire last week, courtesy of John Carr at Cleveley House Farm near Garstang. I hadn’t realised what a great grass growing county Lancashire is. Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

A diverse group of people attended the meeting and, once again, we had some really constructive discussion about defining Free Range Dairy and the kind of messages we need to promote to the public. It is clear that economic reasons are the key driver for farmers to try and make better use of grazed grass all around the UK. We know simple, pasture-based systems can be very profitable but have yet to achieve recognition for the value our farms can deliver for cows and consumers.

If you weren’t able to get to either this latest meeting, or the one inWales, your thoughts on Free Range Dairy are still welcome. You can email me or post a comment here on the website. A report on the discussions and outcomes of the three meetings will appear on the website in a couple of weeks. I am determined to ensure that Free Range Dairy conveys a simple message about giving our cows the freedom to graze grass. What does free range mean to you?

I will be holding the third meeting in Dorset on July 12th. For details please follow this link. Please come along if you can and be a part of a growing movement.

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