The National Farmers Union (NFU) have organised a meeting in London today (11th July) to discuss the recent milk price cuts, which threaten the future of many UK dairy farms. It is anticipated that over 1,000 farmers will attend and that they will demand a fair price for the milk they produce.

It’s not easy for farmers to get away from their farms when their herds need milking twice a day and many live a long way form London. However, unity is needed if we are to strike a fair deal for farmers, cows and consumers. For too long, dairy farmers have lacked a cohesive body that speaks with a clear voice. I hope that Free Range Dairy can produce clear messages about our farms and our cows that will instil value in milk form UK farms.

Taking our industry forward is about pushing and pulling to achieve our aims – we need to protest against unfair treatment and we need to promote the value of our role in feeding the nation. Milk producers cannot live with being constantly taken to the ‘brink’ and then thrown a very thin lifeline. We need long term stability to create confidence amongst farmers to invest in their farm businesses and encourage the next generation to take the reins.


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