Irish farmers have some really sound advice at their fingertips thanks to the work of researchers at Moorepark Farm. The work done here is funded by Teagasc, The Agriculture and Food Development Authority and it’s well worth a look at their website if your making plans for the grazing season ahead.

Researchers have recently come up with a calculator that enables farmers to assess the quantity of grass utilised on their farms. Growing a good crop of grass is important but the degree to which it is then utilised has a serious impact on profitability. In fact, it is estimated that there is 44% variation in net profit per hectare between dairy farms in Ireland directly related to the quantity of grass utilised per hectare.

Whilst Irish farmers are using 6.4 tonnes of grass dry matter per hectare on average, researchers say the target should be more like 10 – 12 tones per hectare.

You can calculate your own grass utilisation by using the calculator on the Teagasc website –


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