Our Mission

Working to give everyone the chance to vote
for freedom and fairness when they buy milk.

The People

We represent a group of like-minded dairy farmers – all the way from the Yorkshire Dales to the Cornish coast – producing delicious, free range milk from traditional, pasture-based farming.

The Milk

The Pasture Promise logo gives you the chance to enjoy great tasting milk of known provenance and to vote for freedom and fairness when you buy milk.

The Cows

Our free range dairy farmers typically run herds of 80-200 cows, looking after them through several generations and their cows enjoy a life in the fields for a minimum of six months of the year.

Who are Free Range Dairy Network?

Our Vision, our Goals, our Commitment.


We are building a community of likeminded people, who care about cows and the traditional, family farms that make up our countryside. We work to forge a closer connection between farmers and people, so that everyone can enjoy great tasting milk.


We are passionate about our work and promote a clear vision for our organisation, to drive change in the dairy industry and deliver tangible benefits for those we represent and work with. We consult with our members and work in collaboration with others to achieve our goals.


We stand for honesty, integrity in the provenance of milk and dairy products. We work to build trust and confidence in the Pasture Promise logo to allow people to make a more informed choice when they buy milk.


We believe farmers should be able to earn a fair return for their milk, to provide a decent living for themselves and their families. We believe cows deserve a fair deal too, which allows them the freedom to graze in fields and a life akin to that which nature intended.


We believe free range cows and dairy can be a positive force for good for the planet and our health. We use our expertise and work with others to promote the benefits of milk and dairy from free range Pasture Promise cows.

Latest News

Discover what’s happening in the fields and beyond.

Joins Us

You can join us as a farmer member or a supporter.
We invite both those who produce milk and buy milk to work together so we can secure the freedom for cows to graze in fields and make milk great again.